Solid Rock

by Loren Kate

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When I was 19 I was running an open mic night in NSW, my car had broken down and I had this big dream to see Australia. So I asked if anyone in the crowd had a car they’d like to gift me. A lovely man, who had had a few too many drinks, offered up his bus. I went around to his place the next day and picked it up. I spent the next few months making it road worthy and off I went. I so clearly remember driving through the Kimberley on my own, I didn’t see, nor speak to another soul for days at a time… I remember wondering if there are many places like this on the earth? My older self can now answer that question. No, there’s nothing quite like it.

The Kimberley is home to the world’s oldest story.
It holds some of the largest intact natural areas left on the planet. A place where no mammal has gone extinct. A sanctuary for threatened and endangered marine life. A land where the Rock Art is arguably some of the world’s oldest, with evidence suggesting the earliest occupation in the region dates back about 65,000 years.

Today, more than 30 Aboriginal tribes remain in the Kimberley region, each with its own language and many with unique cultural practices. These cultures and the land are under threat. The Western Australian government is committed to major industrialisation and agricultural development across the whole of the Kimberley and are completely ignoring the concern to preserve this beautiful culture and wilderness.

There is an awesome team of people who are a part of the 'The Kimberley World Heritage Project (KWHiP)'. They are working so hard to secure a positive future for The Kimberley. But with only approximately 40,000 people living there, they need the help of the much wider community.

By donating, downloading and sharing this iconic song, written by Shane Howard, you’ll be helping the awesome team behind the KWHiP continue their vital work, with the ultimate vision of securing a World Heritage Listing for Australia’s last and most precious wilderness.

Watch. Donate. Download. Share.


Out here nothin' changes
Not in a hurry anyway
You can feel the endlessness
With the comin' of the light o' day
You're talkin' 'bout a chosen place
You wanna sell it in a marketplace
Well just a minute now

You're standin' on solid rock
Standin' on sacred ground
Livin' on borrowed time
And the winds of change
Are blowin' down the line

Right down the line

Well round about the dawn of time
The Dreaming all began
A crowd of people came
Well they were lookin' for their promised land
We're runnin' from the heart of darkness
Searchin' for the heart of light
I think we found paradise

Well they were standin' on solid rock
Standin' on sacred ground
Livin' on borrowed time
And the winds of change
Were blowin' cold that night

Well they were standin' on the shore one day
Saw the white sails in the sun
Wasn't long before they felt the sting
White man, white law, white gun
Don't tell me that it's justified
Cause somewhere someone lied
Yeah, well someone lied
Someone lied
Well someone lied

And now you're standin' on solid rock
Standin' on sacred ground
Livin' on borrowed time
And the winds of change
Are blowin' down the line


released February 22, 2018
Solid Rock
Written by Shane Howard (Mushroom Music)
Licensed with kind permission

This version
Vocals and Guitar- Loren Kate
Additional guitars and banjo- Chris Parkinson
Recorded and mixed by Mick Wordley @ Mixmasters, Adelaide Hills

Music video produced by Mark Jones,
Filming of Loren by Emily McAllan,


all rights reserved



Loren Kate Adelaide, Australia

“One of the most divine singer/songwriters in the universe. She can crack you open and expose your rawness, then wrap you back up so you can leave safe and warm. She, Loren Kate, is a special one.”
-Phaedra Watts, Nannup Music Festival Director

An utterly captivating performer and brilliant storyteller.
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